Sunday, January 6, 2008

Aslan Appears

I'm going to interrupt my series documenting my spiritual journey to celebrate something amazing. Today, as I was performing my daily ritual blog-gobbling I discovered something so personal and unexpected that I nearly peed my pants. Chloe, over at Beauty in the Breakdown, has awarded me A Roar for Powerful Words. This is an award that is passed on from blogger to blogger that "aims to celebrate good and powerful writing in the blogosphere."

Chloe, I'm on my second box of kleenex. I think I may be having a heart attack, but if they find me dead you should know that I died deliriously happy. I feel really humbled and honored to be named this way by you. You've played a role in my life that I don't think you'll ever really fully appreciate. It's funny how people who have never met can do that. Thank you. Truly.

And now to pass it on. I think I'll start off by cheating. Most of the really good writers that I follow in blogland have already received this award. So I'm seconding their nominations. Bella, Chloe, Christianne and Kirsten all have been given this award and they all richly deserve it. (Is there an "I've been seconded" icon you can put in your sidebar?) I am hopelessly addicted to their writing and madly in love with each of them.

I feel a kind of giddy power now recognizing that I can pass on this sublime happiness. So without further diddling around, here are the folks I want to recognize for their blog stories:

1) Tom

Tom is ruthlessly transparent and funny as hell. I stumbled onto his blog when I was bored and did a search for people who also liked the movie Run Lola Run. (God is clearly a playful weirdo.) I loved him at once. You will too.

2) Jen

Jen will kill me that I did this (she's very shy), but sometimes you just have to tell the truth no matter how much trouble it brings you. She just finished her medical residency in pediatrics and with her newfound ability to make gobs of money she decided to head off to Haiti to make $100 a month working under the most unimaginably horrible conditions with the sickest kids in the world. The story she is telling with her life just destroys me with its beauty.

3) Greg

Greg has been my friend since I was fourteen and now he's also my pastor. Greg writes theology from his heart and it often earns him the title of "heretic". We always burn the ones we love. I'm so grateful that he is helping me tell my God-story.

4) Marcia

Marcia isn't a storyteller in the conventional sense of the word. She speaks through her photography and it gives her a kind of holy perspective. She blogs about Haiti and invites everyone to encounter that place through her lens in ways that my words cannot possibly capture.

There you have it. Now I'll leave you all so I can bask for a while in this yummy joy.


  1. What??? Now I have to wait even longer for the next installment? What have I done?

    I don’t know what role I’ve played in your life, but it sure does my heart good to imagine that I might have impacted you in some way. You’re so right, it’s funny how people that we have never met can affect our lives.

    Congrats to you! I’ll be diving into your nominees’ blogs soon.

  2. The Oscar of blogging! Hats off to you Terri! You go girl!! No one could deserve it more. Terri, people need you to to roar with words.

    Let it go!!!!


  3. Terr! SO COOL!!! You deserve this award! Bask away my friend!

  4. dah! der! doi! surprised? NO WAY!

    T...I give you give me words! God knew what he was doing!

    Mwen rinmin ou ANPIL!

  5. Congratulations, Terri! You so deserved this award from Chloe, and I find it amazing that she is one of the ones who prompted you to become a bona fide blogger. You have taken off running and seem to never look back -- it's amazing! I love having found the gem that is you (and your blog!).

    I'm with Chloe, though: what? we have to wait even longer for the next installment? :) I seriously wait with bated breath for each of your posts.

    Thank you for seconding my own nomination. Such a rich gift coming from two beautiful women in my life! I hardly know what to do with it.

    I love your nominations, the way you described each one. Can't wait to get to know these new people, too!

  6. dude---all I gotta say is that you, me and Marcia make the best blogging team EVER!!!

  7. *blushing*
    thanks everyone,and i promise to post part four tomorrow.

  8. Oh and Marcia: I love that sophisticated commentary. Mwen renmen ou too, se'm!

  9. what? born in this same place in time? knowing you? dave? danny? joey...well ok just a smidgen just now; greg, shelley, and through you the likes of jen, marcia, joby, haiti...etc? it's all too much. there IS a God. He is real. I love how real you are too Terri. truly I do. You inspire hope to press on…yeah this community thing, trying to be on the inside of those we are on the outside of is, well, unsafe and alluring and challenging and I can't wait for Glory! tons of mad love again. with stifled tears. are truly gifted and way beyond deserving of this honor and recognition of what is real...really...really true.

    to your giftedness. to you. cheers!

  10. Terri that is so cool! I think we should adopt chloe! Wait...maybe that is not doing her a favor considering how wacked we all are...
    But anyway, she must be a pretty cool person.

  11. Way to go T. - proud as punch. As Carly Simon puts it, "Baby you're the best."

  12. Di: thank you for following with so much of your heart. i love your passion and faith so much. God is real indeed. love you, girl.

  13. julie: chloe is should take a look at her blog. you'd love her. but adoption...let's not freak the poor woman out.

    dave: Sister Carly also said, "I haven't got time for the pain...not since I've known you."

  14. You can never have too many families. I'm always available for adoption!

  15. Consider yourself our new sister Chloe.