Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I am here. I am writing again.

Sometimes as I watch the words appear on the screen I feel as though the words are finding me, making me somehow. I feel as though God is writing me. This is something sacred. And I'm grateful to be here, writing for you and for me.

I want to thank all of you for the way you held me up when I was feeling the heaviness of the stories I was telling you. I am gathering all of your love and tenderness and tucking it away for those days ahead when I'll most surely need it. I'm embroidering your kindness into my memory with all of its fine detail and delicate beauty. I'm ready to begin again, and so I have.

I am here. I am writing again.


  1. You go girl :)

    Take the time for yourself...write like crazy...post when you're ready.

    You are amazing and I am so glad to have found your writings.

  2. What a beautiful interlude, my friend. I love how you said God is writing you. I can feel the sacredness of it.

    Thank you for checking in, letting us know how you are.

  3. I'm really pleased to see that you're back.

    Been following your story since Greg linked to you in his blog and have been hooked from the start.

    I'm looking forward to hearing whatever you feel up to sharing, whenever you're ready to continue.

    As Christianne said, thanks for letting us know you're still there & doing ok.

  4. mom. i love you. and i love your words. you are such a blessing to me. i love it that i'm getting to know you even more than i already did. i didn't think that was possible... ha.

    OH... and i've been telling everyone and their moms about your blog... telling and bragging.

    keep it up. (:

    your son,

  5. sorry... i had to post on the jp account because i don't have my own and it wouldn't let me post anonymously... LAME!!!!

  6. Love you T!

    Danny...GET YOUR OWN ACCOUNT!! BUG!! When we're in Mexico one of my goals is to make sure you get one...WITH A PIC!!!

  7. happy Shasha?! frick.

    sorry folks... the beautiful writing skills might not exactly run in the family...

  8. Glad your back hon;

    you need this and we need this

  9. susan: hey, welcome to my little world. glad to have you here.

    christianne: God is writing us all.

    dean: another newbie for the sandbox. welcome, and thanks for the encouragement.

    danny: you've made your momma very happy sweetie. i love you!

    marcia: i set up an account for danny as soon as i saw his post...none of this posting under an old church account for my kid!

    dave: get over here and give me a kiss. :)

  10. Glad you're back!

    I feel peace in your words--not like pain is gone, but like you have found rest even in the midst of it. That's beautiful. Thanks for your honesty.

  11. Good to have you back, Terri. I'll keep checking back to see where you're at...

  12. Terri
    What's up? I left some comments for you on my blog site. I am going to leave some stuff on Nate's too. Just dropped by here to see what you are up to. So you think you may but a Nemo blanket, I guess we are now Nemo soul mates.

  13. it is always time to begin again.
    i am happy to see you here again, writing, beginning, letting the words that come to you and from you find their way onto the page.
    wherever you are, whether taking breathing space, pouring it out, sitting in stillness while the words come and ask you to write them, you are at the perfect place. always.

  14. hey danny is stylin' in his zygomatic smile - ya can't fake that joy! who does he remind me of in that pic??? flippin' sweet

  15. He's MAFIA...that's what that Danny smile is...MAFIA!

    But this is mamma's blog...

    Hi T...rock on!

  16. Hello. I love those words too: God is writing us. We are is poiema, after all. His poetry. I love that. And I love you of course, too. Love that you're back here, letting to words come. Hearing them and when you're ready to do so, writing them. Breathing in & out deeply as you do so.

    I love seeing your family popping in here too!! Hello everyone!! I've got a really cool family already, but would you mind kind of adopting me?! ;o)

  17. sarah: that's really perceptive of you. it's true, the pain is still there, but it's not paralyzing me anymore. i'm able to keep going as i pay attention to what it is teaching me.

    tom: good to have you back too.

    tammy: Nemo buddies. I like that.

    di: i'll do that. and my kid is pretty cute, isn't he?

    marcia: no one here is fooled. you're clearly mafia.

    bella: can you come and whisper that stuff to me as i fall asleep at night? can you tattoo it on my arm? thank you.

    kirsten: consider yourself adopted. i seriously have the greatest family. and you haven't even met joey or janelle or joey.

  18. er...i said joey twice. i meant joby.

  19. It's all good. I just re-read my comment where I said "We are is ..." when what I meant to say was "we are His ...". Apparently my retardation now extends to typing, too ... :o)