Thursday, February 14, 2008

i clearly need help

I'm sitting in an airport terminal in Dallas waiting for our connecting flight, and what am I doing with this downtime? Am I chatting with my family? No...they're sitting about 300 feet from me. Am I reading one of the books I brought along? No...They are tucked away in my bag. Am I listening to some of the music I just downloaded? ipod is tucked away as well. So what am I doing? Blogging.

Help me. I have every single characteristic of a full-blown addiction. If you think about it, paying that usurious $10 fee for internet access is something like scoring a hit. I got a little uncomfortable on the plane when they announced, "You may use your laptops if you disable the wireless feature." It sounded more like, "You may play with your toddlers if you tie them up like rodeo calves." Yes. This is serious.

As I prepare myself for the connecting flight, I am repeating the following mantra: "My friends are all safe and sound, and I probably don't need to worry about checking their blogs anytime soon." I'll be checking into rehab when I get home.


  1. Terri
    This is hilariuos, I just gotta say from one sarcastic to another you go girl. I love it! See this is a perfect example of why I love you! And God is my witness this is when i looked at the clock to get ready to come to work I started DT's. This very thought went through my head God have mercy on my addicted self. Seriuosly i need help, no really. If my computer ever gets struck by lightening i will know that God did an intervention. OR I WILL SAY GET BEHIND ME SATAN. decisions, decisions.

  2. napolean (aka terri)...LUCKY!! bring me back some sand...
    seriously, did you see that in SICKO? that french woman was onto something with that collection! normally i'd say 'only in america' but now i got thoughts colliding, moving on...

    tell GB he forgot to do something goll! i see how u all are.

    poet...blame satan then watch for how God uses it for good ;)

  3. ah geez dang im tellin' ya...
    this repenting of religion stuff will getchya every time.

    that "i see how u all are" thing just pinged me and that pokin' at gb like that needs correcting right quick so let me just say...

    i'm so glad you all do this for yourselves and each other ... you know who else did that?


    you all get in that boat (plane, automobile, whateva) and cross over to the other side and just be there, get away, enjoy. we'll all be here clamoring for more when you get back.

    terri, i know to you in about ???? a coupla hours. muah

  4. sorry i'm being a blog hog again


    oh that's helpful

    ahhh...I see said the blind man (that's offensive, sorry)


    yeah that sucks. don't you wish there was never such a thing as usurious blogging fees in the world? go vikes!

  5. are you serious? ten dolla?
    how funny is that?

    oi vay

  6. Terri, don't worry; your signs and symptoms don't describe addiction, just mere compulsion. Addiction is still a few stages away. It does look like you're well on your way though.

    Glad you checked in. Have a nice trip. And play with your family.

  7. oooh so miltonish, nicely done nate...

    yes terri, hang on to that "you're on your way!"

    today dallas : )


  8. Haha, you're awesome.
    I love you! Enjoy the warmth for me as well!

    grrr, i can never get those stupid "word verification" thingys right

  9. hmmmmm. I am intrigued by what blog rehab might look like. Walden Pond? An Amish hermatige? My backyard in June?
    Maybe just tell the tribe to chill out, you don't have a problem. You can quit anytime. THEY are the ones with the problem, right?

  10. Hey...maybe you'll meet Eva Longoria or Kirsten Dunst in rehab.


  11. Terri
    Do think that when we get to Heaven that God has some place called the rubber room, rehab for bloggaholics?
    Rubber room? hmmmm I won't even go there. It is killing me, I am not gonna say it, I am going to be good, this little devil is on my shoulder right now. If you read the comment that i left to Sarah you will know that i am about to take my tongue out of the pickle jar on this one. hmmm Genesis chapter, now what is that chapter? God help me I am trying to be good, really I am. This is what D says on days like today when he has tried to tear the house down. They had to call me in today he ran one the staff out of the house.......literally. He come out of his room when he knew I was here and he said, I'm trying to be good Tammy I am trying to be good. We are going have to have a little chat about the meaning of the word good.........I'm trying to be good Terri, I am trying to be good.

  12. oh, terri, this is so sweet and silly and . . . well, just sweet.

    and i totally get you in this. i am so the same way. compulsion, not addition -- i'm with nate on that one. i think. :)

  13. So Di you think I should blame the devil huh? blog hog i love it, actually I resemble it,

  14. i'm so glad you left this post!! because i am over here, compulsively blogging too. my normal bedtime is about an hour & half ago during the work week.

    sis, to me about an hour ago: "what are you still doing UP?"

    me: "catching up on blogs"

    sis: "didn't you do that about 4 hours ago"

    me: "um yeah, but there's a lot of new stuff since then".

    the good thing is, is that we can all check in to rehab together & then we'll get that blogging union we've been dreaming of.

    God DOES have a plan for this! aha!!

    seriously, terri & family - enjoy your time together & soak up lots of sand & waves. pics, please. ;o)

  15. Kirsten
    This is funny ha ha rehab here we come. Would that be cool or what? I am all for moving our houses together. Kinda sux living this far away from people you have gotten so close to. We could always start a talk show and take up donations for a plane. Anybody have one to donate?

  16. Addict or not you sure made me feel better about my compulsive blog checking!
    I had strict instructions not to check blogs while the wedding party was happening yesterday and it was really difficult. Till I realised that my phone has internet access and while sub-optimal I can still read blogs on it...

    This is bad.

  17. Dean ha ha that is funny!
    I am so bad about checking blogs on my way to the restroom in the middle of the night. Ha! are we addicts or what?

  18. oh dean!! welcome to the club. ;o)

  19. Oh Terri you make me laugh.
    I've been there. :)
    Rest and soak up sun and know we aren't going anywhere. We'll be here when you return. :)

  20. Terri you are too funny. I think we’ve all been there. I’m sure there is a 12-step program for us somewhere. Enjoy your trip.

  21. Dean, download and install Opera for your phone. It will make things a lot easier. ;)

  22. You guys are great! I'm going to post something later on but I just wanted to say that we're here and I'm pretty sure that this is heaven. It's beautiful and warm and nothing in particular to do except BE. *deep, heavy, soul-restoring sigh*