Friday, February 15, 2008

Plan B

Sorry friends, but my computer is malfunctioning, rebooting abruptly and with no warning. I'm taking it as a sign from God to lay this down for the week, and just be where I am. To hear what I hear and see what I see and feel what I feel. Know that I'll be thinking of you and writing when I return. I'm writing now, in a little journal I picked up on my way here. It has a picture of a mother penguin carrying her chick on top of her feet. Fitting, I think. The words are coming fast and free. I'll write them here soon.


  1. Hi
    I love you

  2. wonderful decision. i'm glad you can take this little nudge and go with it. can't wait to hear the fruit of the week, and of the writings in that cute little notebook! :)

  3. well, can't wait to hear your stories...:)

    (im not helping you to be free from blogging! cuase your stories rocks! and inspires too!)

  4. Git-her Jesus! Nice to know you've laid it down.

  5. bless you, terri. bless you!

    it's good to know people still actually write in journals!

    sigh. breathe. be. restore. we're here.

    love you,

  6. I'm with Christianne--way to pick up on the movements of the Spirit. Have a fabulous week, filled with friends and laugher and quiet and tears (if you need them). We'll all be here when you get back.

  7. photos Terri, photos, we want photos! When you get back home I mean. I know i will start a war with that comment......I can hear it now.........god i love controversy.

  8. a journal, huh? what are we, amish? hehe. love ya.

  9. Your soul shines from every word you write.


    With love to you my friend,


  10. Terri
    when you come out of this sabbatical you need to read some things on my comments and on Kirstens, Ha your name keeps popping up and it's scandalous, something about that whole talkshow thing........

  11. Yayyyy!!! because sometimes we just have to 'let it go'...

    I've been thinking of you...also on holiday..and whenever I get a free minute..and everyone went to bed..I'm quickly reading here and there...I miss you all! xx would have been good not to write for a week....but I just couldn't was just waiting here for me...

    but thought of you everytime i click in my name...and wanted to say...have fun! enjoy! do what you want to do...but this time...for yourself!

    Speak soon...and i'm sitting here...imagining how you are going to feel lifting your face up to the sun...breathing in deeply..and just feel the love! xx

  12. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip. Hope you're having a great time.

  13. yay!!! no happy that you are 'holidaying'! missing you! xx :-)

  14. i. miss. you.
    going through withdrawls.

  15. ET, oh i mean Terri phone home....

  16. Missing you here too. Hope your vacation has been exactly what you need.