Tuesday, April 8, 2008

silent retreat

I've been away at a silent retreat for the last few days. I'm not quite ready to talk about it yet, but here are some pictures that might help in the mean time. Peace~



    Love the story!!!

    Love you T!!!!

  2. That place looks gorgeous! Perfect for some good SNS (Silence 'n Solitude). And I smiled when I saw the book called "Poustinia" because I once spent a silent retreat in a place with that name.

    Love to you, big sis...and know that we're with you, even when you're not ready to talk.

  3. mia: i know you're fluent in images. i had you in mind when i posted this. love you too.

    sarah: it is gorgeous, even in the early spring deadness. silence is loud there. i swear you can hear the bottom of your soul.

  4. terri - i'm so glad you had this time away. your photos evoke a mood of depth & silence & a pervading stillness & quiet. the kind that feeds you. i love that photo where you are looking out the window but can see the reflecting of the cross in the glass. all those photos are amazing.

    so glad you got that time, girl. bathe in that silence & that quiet for as long as you need.

    love love love

  5. I am so happy you got to get away terri.I know how important that silent time is for you and how hard it is to take the time to actually do it.
    I love that you took pics. It looks like the kind of place you would just drink up. It made me smile to think of you there!

    love you-

  6. I've been wanting to go on a silent retreat.
    One thing I've come to love about my life is all the silence I get in a day. As I write, I let the silence spill into the house. In fact, my writing is more like a conversation with God.
    A silent one, that is ;)

  7. mmmmm . . . wow, terri. i recognize that sometimes such silence requires quite a bit of bravery, too. i know it sure does in me right now, at least. so glad you got this time.

  8. wow...seeing those pictures made me miss watching the seasons come & go...very cool way to document your retreat!! love ya

  9. hey everyone...i'm not feeling well tonight but i wanted to just say that i appreciate your comments and your visits here. back soon...

  10. so tender Terri. Thank you for sharing. i feel srrounded by peace of light and colors.

    and tahnk you for passing by my place

  11. looks peaceful and quiet...nice. i'm pretending you could leave if you really wanted to though. i wonder what you're thinking and feeling in that last pic that looks like a double exposure in a safe place but still a little bit mysterious. scawy, hold me jesus. you are brave. loving you. hoping you are feeling well and rested.

  12. Ah, silent retreats are such good medicine for body, soul, heart and mind.
    How wonderful. I'm glad you took this time for solitude, quiet, space.
    I can feel in these photos the peace, the surrender, the stillness.

  13. I love the photo of the rocking chairs. Could sit there for hours gazing at the trees.

  14. kirsten: it was good to get away, but i think i needed a little more time. life gets fast as soon as you step back into it. it takes a lot of discipline to notice all the little silences all around you.

    julie: i'm smiling thinking of you smiling. love you.

    heather: wow, you're really fortunate. writing really is that way, isn't it? i think most people might think of writing as a one way monologue, but it really does talk back to you, and if you're listening well, sometimes the other voice is divine.

    christianne: you're not kidding. you have to face some fears alone out in the middle of nowhere in the dark. that's actually part of what is valuable about this for me. when the silence settles in, fear is a portion of my mind that i can actually begin to hear.

    jen: the seasons are missing you too. and incidentally, we're in the middle of a snow/ice storm, so the transition from winter to spring is a little fitful these days. i think maybe spring is saying, "why bother...jen is in haiti."

    li: my pleasure. bless you dear.

    di: that last picture is my reflection in the picture window after the sun has gone down. scawy for sure...but also cleansing. and you can definitely leave if you want to. (no nuns guarding the doors.) ;)

    bella: i'm so glad i took these images away with me because they take me back there and help me remember that silence and peace, and they also give me a way to share it a bit more deeply. i carried you there with me in a way, you know.

    mary ann: yes. i did just that. (so good to have you here.)

  15. terr, so glad you were able to get away from the noise and just stuff surrounding you... your pics are soothing. i'll take them with me as i go through my day today. can't wait to hear about it.
    love ya!

  16. Wow! Terri you're photos are breathtaking...peacemaking...

    Authentic Peace
    is good at

    To look upon
    a scene
    as you have done

    and find
    dancing in the

    Is a gift which
    far too few posess.

    Your eyes have been ordained
    by God.

    Thank you for sharing
    your vision here.

    For letting your soul
    speak through your every

    My love to you, M

  17. Every time i see pic's of the outdoors something happens inside of me. there is a hidden longing somewhere in my soul that wants to be there . . .

  18. Dropped by to both check in and also prime my blogging pump. So now I see that not only are you gifted in the use of words to express what is so elusive, you can do so with photography too! A potent combination indeed.
    I was moved and felt honored to gain admission into some of your mind's eye in the midst of your retreat. Not sure I can articulate but as a man, I find strolling through a predominantly female blogosphere is both mystical and somehow like a backstage pass that grants insight into the creation God called woman. Terri, be blessed and may you find courage as you engage all the swirling stuff.

  19. Hi Terri- The silence comes through in your photos. Glad you had that time for yourself.

  20. shelley: i'm so glad to share all of this with you. you could use a little silence too my friend.

    maithri: your words make me want to cry. i have only recently begun to challenge myself through photography the way that i do with words, and it's so satisfying when something i've captured speaks to someone else. bless you little brother.

    dave: i really treasure the times when we get away to spend time outdoors. you're one of those people who allows the air and water and ground to penetrate your heart in ways that prompt reverence and joy. we need to do that more often...

    james: . thanks for the encouragement and for honoring what God is creating in me. i forget that it can be intimidating for a man to speak into a woman's space, but i'm so grateful that you are willing to risk it. peace.

    chloe: so glad to hear your tender voice. thanks for those kind words.

  21. Terri
    I smile each time i see those glasses laying over books......such a brainiac!

  22. Hi Terri and all
    Thank you so much for the photos and the wonderful words of love and encouragement. I am going to be spending from Friday evening until Sunday noon on a silent retreat and honestly there is some nervousness in my soul. I feel safe when I read all these loving words. SNS - that is perfect! I will be back.