Monday, May 12, 2008


well, i guess i'm going to be hanging out in hospital world for a little while longer. thanks everyone for the kind words. i'm getting really good care, and i'm feeling about a million times better than i have in a very long time. i still have a bit of a foggy brain, but i'll write something more coherent soon.


  1. terr, i'm really glad you're feeling better and their taking good care of you!!! girl--you're continually on my heart don't ya know.

    love you!

  2. I wish you well - A speedy recovery, and patience if it's not too speedy.

    Really sorry to hear you've been ill.

  3. Hi Terri
    I can't send a hug through the internet so that sucks. Tell em to slip you something strong in that iv bottle. I could mail you some moonshine, whatcha think?

    There is a whole unexplored planet in the power of sedation. Don't worry Terri, i gottcha covered i am about to fed-ex you a home grown pot plant. It is some potent stuff. Peace............

  4. Late to the news. Yikes. I'm certainly relieved you're doing better. Take care, Terri!

  5. just relax and don't let any worry creep in. It will all be well. Promise.

  6. I've definitely been missing you. Rest well.

  7. loving you, ter. and that tammy girl . . . she's a hoot, isn't she?! i bet some laughter is welcome around those hospital hallways and rooms. love ya.

  8. Terri, I'm glad to know you are continuing to feel better. Hope you get out of that place soon. It might be a bit relaxing in some ways though. Keep getting stronger! Miss you.

  9. Hi Terri,

    I've been thinking of you so much and praying you're getting better. Please keep us posted.

    Jen's dad came in last night and we're going to the beach for her big 3 0!

    Love you!

  10. terri, i'm glad you're starting to feel better again. bleh to being at the hospital, but i suppose it's a fair enough tradeoff for feeling well & human again [i guess i can say that because i'm not the one stuck in the hospital].

    get well, sister. love you.

    * kirsten

  11. yeah. get well soon will ya?!

  12. makes pacem seem like the ritz :)

  13. hey everyone: i was discharged this afternoon so i'm recovering from home now.

    shelley: you're such a good friend. thanks for the soup and crackers and love.

    imelda: patience is not my strong suit. thanks for sending some my way and for your kind words.

    tammy: when shelley was taking that photo she almost took a marker and wrote "vodka" across the iv bag. she must have been channeling you. i'll be looking for the pot.

    johnny: thanks for the well're not late at all.

    marcell: it helps the worry to have you taking care of the details and reminding me that the world is fine if i drop out for a while.

    becky: miss you too.

    christianne: yeah, laughter is good medicine...although it kind of hurts to laugh right now. thanks for the love.

    nathan: you're was a huge relief to finally get admitted after the week i had. it was reassuring to know they were watching me and taking care of all the weird stuff that was popping up. miss you too.

    mia: thanks for the prayers. i'm thinking of you guys a lot and wishing i was there with you right now. hope jen's birthday was fun.

    kirsten: you probably understand more than most what this feels like. thanks for the prayers and love.

    dave: gol, quit nagging me. :) love you honey.

    di: oh yes...although i wouldn't have wanted to be at pacem feeling like this.

  14. thinking of you.
    take good care and go slowly.
    sending you healing and rest filled waves of love.

  15. SO good to hear you're out of the hospital...they better have given you some good meds to go home with this time tho!!! love ya tons.

  16. SO glad you're home. And Tammy's going to get herself arrested for her comments, one of these days. I don't think medical marijuana is legal where y'all live...

  17. Ha Ha Ha Sarah I am laughing. You know why that is so funny? I just sent Terri an e-mail today that said as much as i joke about alcohol and drugs i am surprised that i have not merited a drug raid through my house.

    (By the way i must inform the public that i have set up new residence in Iraq.) No worries, bombs are flying by but my greenhouse of pot is covered by the angel of the Lord. We all know that the Bible says that no weapon formed against us shall prosper.

    I could run into some minor complications with the police but it would fall under a violation of my constitutional religious rights. The consumption of pot is legal as long as it is used in religious ceremonies, and you have a really crooked lawyer.

    Two fruits of the spirit are joy and peace and i'm all about being in the spirit. puff, puff........

    NOTE: the author of this blog in no way condones, endorses, affirms, or has affiliation to this blog comment.

  18. bella: thanks for floating by with those words and wishes.

    jen: oh yes, good drugs. but i still wish you were here. what good does it do me to have a doctor for a friend when she's in haiti?

    sarah: don't worry, she's all talk. they'd arrest her and find out the poor girl's never even had a sip of alcohol, and boy would their faces ever be red.

    tammy: thanks for the disclaimer on my behalf, but i don't think anyone is worried that i'm going to slip into the drug underworld. :)

  19. Terri
    You are wrong. I have tasted alcohol, that is the reason i don't drink, it tastes nasty.

    How do you know you won't slip into the drug underworld? There is always an open job market there. :)

    I thought about joining a prostitution ring but i don't have a good resume, so i decided to hold off on that one. :)

  20. Hey Terri, so sorry to hear that you are in the hospital. I hope that all is well on your end now.

    Wishing you all the best,

  21. oh, it's that good is it? i'm so sorry you're in this. but like many things, i think God can use these kinds of things to turn our ideas of what is good & loving on their heads. i betcha he's up to something GOOOOOOD ...

  22. terri. Glad that you are home now. oh no more breakfast in bed at the hospital. do hope that your brain gets defogged and that your windshield wipers start working well. open the window so that the steam does not fill you up.

    And may you have God's peace as you recover too.

    and make sure that you take good care of yourself.
    the word verification for this post is jazpamp. that is what we are to you.

  23. nfkqfbfPoet pen distracted and ate away my words. i meant to be funny but i cant beat that.

    dear Terri, with the loving care of your loved ones, im sure you'll be up and about so healthily soon.

  24. Poet pen distracted and ate away my words. i meant to be funny but i cant beat that.

    dear Terri, with the loving care of your loved ones, im sure you'll be up and about so healthily soon.

  25. I hope you are home and feeling good again!

  26. tammy: um, you did it again. that over the top thing you do. :)

    annie: thanks...i'm feeling much better. good to hear from you!

    kirsten: yes, that's always true. he's pretty creative that way.

    scott: thanks. i'm not sure what the jazpamp reference was about, but it sounded nice.

    li: isn't tammy a blast? thanks for the well-wishes.

    holly: i am home and feeling almost back to good.