Saturday, June 21, 2008

little sister haiti (haiti, part two)

my little sister is looking at me with those eyes
she is poking at me
annoying me
she is asking a million questions i can’t answer

(she is good to me that way)

my little sister is holding up her pain
like a gift
asking me to unwrap it carefully
without tearing the paper

she is leading me to places i would rather not go
tugging at my arm

i try to ditch her to play with my friends
i want to shake free of her
but she always finds me
and my father asks me to take her along with me everywhere
can you believe that?

(he is good to me that way)

my little sister is teaching me
in little whispers
if i’ll listen

my little sister is not well
her fever is rising
her skin is hot and dry
her bones are showing

still, she is teaching me
in her beautiful little whispers
if i’ll listen


  1. wow. i love this, terri. as usual, your language is so rich and the message it conveys so powerful.

  2. gorgeous...simply gorgeous. and so very true. i think indonesia is my little sister.

  3. i can relate in this touching post terri...

    im so glad you are posting again. hugs to you, lots and lots

  4. oh how i want to hold her little hand in mine with you holding her other and lift her gently swinging "weee" and nourish her frame and provide her drink of deep refreshing waters as we experience the joy and sorrow and hope and longing and learn from her how much we don't know and teach her how much we care

    love you, my sisters

  5. I have goosebumps such lovely writing with powerful but gentle understanding.

  6. Terri- This is beautiful and haunting.

  7. I'm so glad to do life with you my sister. The inspiring words and thoughts given to you (sometimes in the middle of the night) are crucial in getting to know our little sister. I love you! mia

  8. such hauntingly beautiful writing.
    This is poetry.
    your words.
    and the heartbeat within them.

  9. more please . . . I love this stuff.

    I wonder at people who can write like this, because I can't. I smile and cry at the same time . . .

  10. i love this, terri. the message is so rich and so potent ... powerful in personifying haiti as a little sister. i love how you put skin and bones to it. it pierces my heart (more than a little).

  11. i'm with poppa on the smiling and crying.
    love you momma

  12. I feel this so deeply my friend.

    I've missed reading your beautiful, moving words.

    Sending you my love and honouring your unique light and vision,


  13. thanks everyone for reading this with so much love. i'll post something again soon...

    so busy.

    and i'll be visiting you all when i get a chance.

  14. oh, terri, this is beautiful. i love it! thank you for sharing.