Wednesday, July 23, 2008

my bad

i can't believe it's been so long since i've posted. sorry about that. i've been somewhat overwhelmed with some new things going on with my job (all good) and summers are normally busier anyway. plus i've been dealing with some health issues, but i'm doing better now. (am i excused yet?) thanks to all of you who have been inquiring after me. especially tammy. (and for the record tammy, aliens look just like you and me and are quite kind, contrary to their undeserved reputation.)

i'm going to be away for the next week to a place that is so beautiful it stops my heart. unfortunately, my camera took a nose-dive and is currently being repaired. i'll see what i can do to get you some images. love to all of you! i'll try to catch up on the enormously overwhelming backlog of blogs i have neglected...


  1. Glad to see you pop in, if only for a minute. Maybe someday we can have a full cup of coffee together again (and maybe coffee cake, too? like that cinnamon coffee cake from Corner Bakery--oh, I love that cake).

  2. wait, you've had coffee with heather? when did that happen and how come the rest of us weren't invited to THAT AMAZING PARTY?

    it's all good, terri. we've all been kinda hit and miss in blogland of late. but i've missed you. you are never far from my thoughts, even though i'm not the best about touching base in the midst of life. it was good to hear from you. i hope you enjoy your beautiful trip! can't wait to hear about it.

  3. So glad to hear from you Terri. I MISS YOU DAMMIT! nothing says i mean it like a hallmark, or in my case a curse word.

    Now you have totally ruined my image of aliens, i wanted to see them as evil, cannibalistic, lurking, cursing, bad-breathed, rotten & chipped toothed, fornicating whoremongers with oversized heads, tumors on their ears and wild tangled hair growing out their noses. These aliens are horrible racists, they hate green Americans.

    We have obviously not had the same alien encounters.

    Love you Terri
    thanks for the blog......

  4. heather: anytime! (did we actually have coffee together in real life and i missed it? dang! i hate it when that happens!)

    christianne: coffee with heather yet that i'm aware of. but you're all invited to saint paul any time you'd like. thanks for the kind words and reassurance. much love right back to you.

    tammy: you make me laugh. don't be hatin' on the aliens. although it sounds like you've had some unpleasant run-ins. sorry about that. and you're very welcome for the blog.

  5. I hope your time away is what the doc ordered, Terri. (and hope you can still take some pics so I can be jealous.)

    Have a good one...

  6. I read Heather's comment and thought "Where's MY cup of coffee with Terri? Why can't I have a cup of coffee with Terri?" (you know, from old school Veggie Tales...and no, I don't know why I remember that)...

    Have a great rest, friend. Where are you going, if you don't mind sharing (I want to know where the most beautiful place in the world is...)?

  7. Happy travels, Terri. Hope you will soon feel much better. All good wishes from here.

  8. I am glad to hear all is ok... was getting a little worried. Have a nice week away.


  9. tom: it's just exactly what the doctor ordered. thanks.

    sarah: we'll get that cup of coffee someday. and i'm going to a place north of duluth just south of gooseberry falls. we'll be hiking and generally hanging out on the rocks off the shore of lake superior. so beautiful...

    cathy: good wishes right back at you.

    katherine: sorry, didn't mean to worry anyone. sometimes i forget that i'm visible. (long story)

  10. Came over from Kirsten's. I just wanted to say... something kind of not really related... well... that I LOVE your glasses. They are like a work of art and are perfect for your face. :)

  11. Great to hear you again my friend,

    And so glad to hear you're taking yourself to a place of beauty,

    Surround yourself with that ineffable richness that only the simple things can bring,

    Deep love, soft peace,


  12. glad to hear your voice again in this space. glad you're getting some time to soak in, take in, breathe in some beauty. i hope it's healing & restorative for you.

    i've missed you. and i am so glad to hear your health is improving!!

    hooray!!! :o)

    and yeah, i've noticed that too. it's quiet all over blogland lately. and i think that's ok. ;o)

  13. Terri,

    You thinks it's been long since you've posted . . .

    Anyway, I've missed you. Hope all is well with you.

  14. l.l.: wanna hear something funny? i get so many compliments on these glasses, but they're really just a cheap pair of readers i picked up at office max. :) thanks for peeking in here. i've seen you all over the place in blogland.

    maithri: you always make me smile when you come around with your loving heart and your sweet words.

    kirsten: yes! we're leaving this morning. i'm already breathing a little deeper.

    nathan: you have been bad. :) dude, it would be nice to hear from you in bloggyworld, but i'll totally settle for your appearance here. love you.

  15. ahhh...breathing space! just hold your heart when encountered with all the beauty!

    wish upon a star...wish big!

    and love all of you!
    miss you xx

  16. TC - my turn next...
    Of course you know I have a different "most beautiful" vote, but just "away" sounds most beautiful right now. expecting some great insignts for the unfolding saga of roots and fruits.

  17. life happens.
    and certainly being present for it is far more important than blogging about it. :)
    But I had missed you and am happy to hear all is well.
    thinking of you.

  18. Hope your week away was amazing ... and that you are well.


  19. linni: i did have to hold onto my heart a few times this last week. it was jumping out of my chest so much of the time. love to you.

    marcell: wait until you see all of the pictures. you won't disagree with me then. life was bursting out all over the place.

    bella: hope you're well too. you've been on my mind.

    tara: thanks for checking in. i did feel pretty good most of the week with a few minor health annoyances. it was really good to just relax and breathe.