Thursday, March 5, 2009

week three (finally)

your feet

lately i’ve been thinking of
your feet-

tender little baby toes
in the filth of an old manger-

dusty, calloused feet
walking all those lonely miles
in the punishing heat of the desert sun-
to bring good news-

your feet that skimmed the surface of
the sea,
taming dark choppy waves
to calm my fears-

feet pointed towards jerusalem
anointed with tears and oil-
prepared for the grave-
still taking each step with that knowledge-

and those same feet
with spikes driven through them
holding up your body to take the weight off your beautiful, pain-filled hands-

all for me.

i love your feet.


  1. this one penetrates deep.
    i love his feet.
    i love your words.

  2. I'm loving these. I like getting to see this side of you, too...makes Terri a little more 3D ;)

  3. i love his feet, too. i love how you focus on that image since feet likely would have been the most soiled part of the body. he took that on for us. that's some crazy kind of love, isn't it?

  4. You really know how to bring tears to my eyes.

    Love Him,
    Love you,


  5. Wonderful!

    You have a great gift!