Wednesday, April 8, 2009

weeks four and five and then some...

it's been a while and some of you might be wondering where the last couple of weeks worth of poems are. well, you can go here and you'll be able to download an animate booklet which not only has the last couple of poems, but also contains five weeks worth of individual and group exercises in imaginative prayer all written by yours truly. if you want to follow the sermon series that goes along with this, it will start the weekend after easter. go here and you'll have the choice of downloading audio or video files. and it's all for free. how's that for making it up to you? don't ever say i never gave you anything.



  1. you give me nothing free.

    you even make me pay to be your friend.

  2. terri, you bomb, girl. (the youth at church informed me that it's no longer cool to say "the bomb" but "bomb" is still acceptable and means just about the same thing ;). This is bril.

  3. thanks sarah! i knew you'd like it what with your poet-artist-mystic tendencies. you bomb!

  4. thanks for this beauty, and for the reminder that even in faith, there is permission to imagine.

    love you,

    yeah, sarah's right. you bomb!

  5. i agree. you bomb.

    and i feel like a terrible friend for still owing you many things i've promised (and you know to what i am referring!). i'm sorry, terri, for not being more on top of my life and my correspondence.

    i love you.

  6. kirsten: sometimes i think that's what faith really is...the willingness to use our imaginations to dream God's dreams.

    christianne: no apologies needed sister. i way get the overwhelmed thing.

    so apparently, i bomb. cool.

  7. Hey there, glad to have found your blog, and yes, no doubt about it, you bomb! Love the poems and am looking forward to the adventure.

  8. hi cheryl...thanks for finding me. i'll be in haiti for the next week so you can hear from me at (assuming our internet holds up.) peace.