Saturday, April 3, 2010

the scoop, part one

I'm not terribly certain how I came to be where I am today. The last year is something of a blur. I thought that maybe if I just began writing, the story might start to take some shape and become a bit clearer to me. So here I am writing.

A year ago I was a pastor and a counselor. I had a secure home. I had a fairly settled sense of where the future was taking me.

None of that is true for me today.

And I'm happier.

So let's begin...


  1. Ooo, yes, let's! Blessings in the telling.

  2. I am all ears, my friend. Tell on!

  3. I love a good story, especially when it involves Christ's intervening work. I have a feeling this one does.

  4. thanks you guys. i feel like i'm more of a listener here than the one telling the story. weird, huh? i wonder what i'll say next. :)

    it's good to have all of you here again. there's a few things that were helpful about taking this last year off from blogging, but i've really missed interacting with all of you.

  5. exciting start momma. you have a gift.