Tuesday, June 8, 2010

gift from a friend from the sea

i have such lovely friends.

thank you di.


  1. thanks to you and to di quoting it on her facebook, i have started reading this again. it is good to meet my friend anne again, to know her thoughts, to hear her wisdom, and to be assured of so many things.

    love you


  2. awh, mmmmm, how do you type that sound of quiet surprise to see something that makes your eyes wet a little and your heart melt a lot...

    what a rest this will be.

  3. kirsten: i'm glad to know that these words are whispering in your ears. i pray they're seeping into your heart and lifting you above the noise and confusion. you deserve all the goodness you can get.

    di: i like thinking of you stumbling on this and smiling and making quiet surprise noises. :) thank you again.