Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I've been thinking about the kind of person I'm becoming.

I want to be kind and gentle and forgiving. I want to be thoughtful. I want to live simply. I want to have integrity. I want to be available and open. I want to be wise. I want to care for my body and soul so that I am well. More than anything, I want to love freely.

And I want all of these things to come easily. But they don't.

It's occurred to me lately that I've been drifting in directions that I haven't chosen. Depression and anxiety and cynicism are easy for me. I don't have to work at all to find myself in dark places. I can blame this on hormones or my history or illness or any number of other things, but none of that really matters in the end.

I am becoming.

Right now.

And that's a hopeful thing because it means I can become in another direction.

So I think I will.


  1. ooooh. i like this one momma.

    you are becoming in a different direction. and it is beautiful.

    i love you momma.

  2. Amen to becoming. Bless you, Terri.

  3. feeling lucky to be within earshot of your becoming even more beautiful than you already are.

    love you terri.

  4. danny: you inspire me, honey. i wanna be just like you when i grow up. :)

    sarah: i think we're on similar paths, though our circumstances are very different. thanks for listening.

    di: i feel lucky that you're within earshot too, sister. love you a lot...

  5. this is beautiful t. i love how you put it to words. your gift is amazing ...

  6. dave: you're amazing. love you.

  7. This made me smile.

    So many of the things you listed are exact descriptors that I have in mind for you already. (And because you shared some of your journey into simplicity with us earlier this year, I cannot hear the words "live simply" or "simplicity" without you coming to mind.)

    PS: I *really* like the quote about listening that is on your blog banner right now. If this were Facebook, I would "like" it multiple times: like, like, like! :)

  8. thank you christianne. you make me smile all the time. and i think those descriptors sound a lot like you. :)

  9. becoming is very becoming on you. i look forward to this journey g-friend...

    love you...

  10. I think I am always wanting to be more... I wonder when I will get there..

    very frustrating..

    feeeel ya girl.

  11. sy: i don't think any of us really "get there". but that's ok. at least we're pointed in a direction, and maybe that's what matters.