Wednesday, October 13, 2010

*deep breath*

me and my mom biking

Autumn in Minnesota is my favorite time of year. The weather cools, the air becomes crisp and clean and the colors blaze a path straight to my heart. I've been away for the last several days with my husband and mom and dad. We've been biking along rivers and through sheltered wooded areas that remind me of cathedrals. It's easy to worship here.

And yet, I've been sad, always just a little sad. I'm thinking of my friend Kirsten and her lost baby Ewan. I'm breathing prayers in these cathedrals and sending her love and comfort. Lord have mercy on my sweet friend.


  1. Feeling sad with you.

    And oh, how I would love to see those wooded areas that look like cathedrals. Sounds like my kind of place.


  2. Sad here, too. That beauty must be balm to your soul, though, those hallowed natural places. Blessings.

  3. christianne: you would definitely fall in love. so beautiful.

    sarah: yes, a balm. that's a perfect way to say it.

    you guys can see more pics on my facebook page if you like. love you.

  4. I love that photo. And I love you. And I've felt your heart with me so, so much these last several weeks. I really have.

  5. kirsten,

    i'm so glad you've felt that. it's a helpless thing to be so far away offering puny little words here and there. i've been thinking a lot about that. i'm glad that the holy spirit is there to interpret and fill in the spaces between those words.

    can't wait to see you soon.

  6. beautiful, poetic photo...i missed biking and i so looking forward to teh end of the winter

  7. i found my way to your blog while listening to your beautiful poems in the animate series. i then went to ewan's page. wow.

    we had our second son this summer. he was born 3 months premature. we lived in the nicu for 2 months. the experience was awesome. i don't mean that in the disneyland sort of way, but in the awe-inspiring, sacred kind of way.

    thank you for your writing. it has reminded me that there is a way to reach the sacred -- writing. i've picked up my pen again and am working through our summer. i've been thinking a lot about kristen and others making their way through in incomprehensible, the hard.

    looking forward to reading more from you.

    peace to you.