Friday, October 21, 2011

bringing the hermitage home

It's been a week since I headed out to Pacem in Terris, and I've been practicing bringing that way of being into my everydayness. I've been stopping to listen to the sounds of my home and my neighborhood. I've been noticing the way my mind flits around like a water bug until I bring my love and intention to it. I've been stopping more often to notice what is good and what is beautiful. I've been inviting Jesus to be with me even though I know he's there before the invitation. He's so quiet and tender.

These are the paths I walk every day. There's plenty of beauty right here to bring me back to God.

This is my task for the rest of my life, to live this way and by my very life to demonstrate a reality that is not immediately obvious to the rest of the world.


  1. so easy to slip into routine mode and not notice. Lord, help me to be present and observe You in the little things that make up a very big part of my life....