Monday, October 3, 2011

Kòt a Kòt

Kòt a Kòt is a Kreyol phrase that means "side by side". What do you think of when you hear the phrase "side by side"? It's going to be a big phrase in my life very soon. I wonder if you can guess how?

I've got some things brewing in my mind about these few words and I'll share more about that tomorrow. For now I just wanted to thank you for walking with me kòt a kòt these last several years. This blog has always been a very friendly and supportive place. It's helped me more than you'll ever know just to have your voices in my life. Side by side is how helping happens best. And you've all helped me that way.

More tomorrow...


  1. Mmmm ... can't wait to hear more! I keep trying to guess how "side by side" could become important in your daily life, and all I keep coming back to is that you and Dave will be spending more time together. (Perhaps he is retiring?)

    Can't wait to learn more. Love you.

  2. ooooh, good guess. i wish you were right.

  3. oh christianne i wish you were right! (someday for sure!)

    T., that phrase works for us in our lives for sure. it applies to so many things. i love the phrase, even the phonics of it!

  4. just finding your blog! excited to catch up...

  5. ok, i'm caught up. yes, i've been reading your blog all morning, on and off~ between getting the kids off to school and loving on them a while.
    i love it. i love your writing. i love hearing you say what i want to, but can't always...
    anyway...thanks for sharing yourself.

  6. dave: it will be so nice to have you home someday. i can't wait for that to be true for us. and yes, side by side works well for us.

    lori: wow. it means a lot to me that you would take the time to read my blog from the beginning. there are stories there that i'm sure you could relate to. you're very welcome here.

  7. YES! side by side! God is right by your side in all things momma. very cool phrase.