Wednesday, October 19, 2011

mwen fatigue anpil

That's Haitian Kreyol for "I'm very tired." And I am. But I'm also feeling very happy and grateful.

I had a houseguest for the last 27 hours. Her name is Amanda, and she's a young woman who survived the earthquake in Port au Prince.

my friend Jen with Amanda in Haiti last year

Amanda has been traveling back and forth between Haiti and Minnesota for surgical procedures and physical therapy for the last year or so. Her story is terrible and very sad, but she never stops smiling. I had so much fun with her practicing my Kreyol and cooking together. Honestly, I'm so tired right now that I can't put together too many words, but I wanted to share this blessing with you. Amanda reminded me that even in the face of the most horrible things life can throw at you, it's possible to smile and love one another.

Bondye beni ou. (God bless you.)


  1. she's beautiful! and that's a beautiful reminder. :)

  2. i love that profile pic amanda. it captures you perfectly!

  3. Dang I love that I have your blog on my droid now. Even though mixing Terri and Droids are pretty much like mixing Zen and Politics, it works here. I get all the new posts in my hand. Hmmmm....Terri in the palm of my hand....I Like it!!! Keep blessing us with your writing T!

  4. she truly was a 24 hr blessing. what a sweet soul....