Sunday, October 23, 2011

ok, i guess i lied...

I said that Friday's post would be the last of my reflections on my time at Pacem, but I realized something today that I wanted to share.

When I was at the hermitage, there were several squirrels that I came to consider my friends. I named one Francis (for St. Francis of Assisi) and I so much enjoyed watching them dig through the dry leaves for left over acorns.

Well, today I was checking my Facebook page when an ad of some sort popped up that included an image of a squirrel, and I realized that it automatically reminded me of Francis, which of course reminded me of Pacem in Terris. Then I remembered that I've seen many squirrels since I got back and I thought of my hermitage every time. I love it when some small thing becomes a regular reminder to stop and breathe and notice what's lovely and good. Who knew squirrels would someday gently bring me back to my right mind and direct my heart to God?


  1. how about that albino squirrel we saw the other day? does rocky bring you back to that place too? lol... love you baby. thanks for being you!

  2. seeing that albino squirrel was like a siren from God.