Sunday, October 30, 2011

she's coming

oct. 5


She's coming. She's creeping in with her cold breath and dark moods. Autumn is holding on and gasping her last brilliant colors, but she knows she's going to lose soon. I'll miss her so terribly.

It's easy to be melancholy when Winter peeks around the corner, heavy luggage in tow. Of course, she has her own beauty, white and stark, her blinding crystals gleaming off the bare branches. Some days I love her wild temper, the way she stops the whole world while she flexes her muscles. Other days I am holding my breath as her icy fingers claw at my heart. 

But this year, I'm going to try to find a place inside me to welcome her just as she is. It doesn't matter how much I fight and protest. She's coming whether my hands are clenched in fists or open wide to the darkening sky. 


  1. sorry, i'm not with you. i'll never embrace her.

    august in haiti...any day.

  2. i'm practicing radical acceptance. quit harshing my mellow. :)

  3. i love your writing. you said just what i feel.

    i'm SO hoping to get rid of my bitterness about winter this year. i just about lose my mind every winter. this year, i'm stocked with vit d and praying i won't go into the depths of despair. ;)

  4. thanks lori. i'm trying to discipline myself to be this way about everything in my life...paying careful attention to the beauty and catching myself before i dive off all the familiar cliffs. maybe we can remind one another periodically when it's really cold and snowy. spring will come.

  5. i love you! practicing radical acceptance... i like it. :) i just keep telling myself, 'think happy, cozy thoughts...' like hot cocoa, making snowmen, celebrating holidays with family (which includes the churchills now... how lucky am i!?!?!?!?), frank sinatra christmas music, lots of snuggling, ... the list goes on! there are so many things that are really special about this time of year. yeah. think happy, cozy thoughts... :)

  6. i love you too amanda. and i love that you're a part of our family. and i love that i can count on you to smile and bring joy even in the harshest winter. :)

  7. i just commented on a fb post of danny's that i am ready for winter. to be sure i'll be ready for spring at some point soon, but for right now i am embracing the coming winter. there are times after a fresh snowfall that are some of the most beautiful scenes you will ever see. you are right honey. its coming whether we like it or not, so instead of being miserable lets embrace it. enjoy it even!