Sunday, October 16, 2011

the sound of silence

I'm back from my silent retreat and I have a few reflections to share with you over the next few days, but for now I'll just share some photos. Enjoy!

 this was my hermitage

 the view from my rocking chair

 the view from my screen porch

 the cross at the edge of the prairie

 guest reception at the main house

 the chapel

 on the walking path

 wetland off the path

 a deer print on the walking path

 the path to my hermitage

a little squirrel who kept me company


  1. So beautiful. I loved sharing in these images.

    I wonder how a person's experience of prayer changes, depending on the time of year they visit the hermitage. The landscape from your rocking chair and front porch is beautiful but bleak, speaking to that paschal mystery of death before new life, which I am thinking could really affect the conversations that happen with God in such a scene.

    Look forward to hearing more about this time for you. xoxo

  2. dave: thanks honey.

    christianne: yes, the time of year definitely affects your experience, and autumn is definitely my favorite time of year. even though it might seem that way, i don't find the view bleak at all. in fact, i had one of the best retreats ever. very tender presence. mostly wordless listening. *sigh* i could have used a couple more days.

  3. you should stay longer next time...

  4. oh honey. that's so sweet. maybe i'll head out there during the week sometime in the dead of winter. we'll see.

  5. i'll say it again: it looks positively heavenly. it seems like the place itself (even if there were no signs posted) invites silence and communion with the holy. i can imagine it in budding springtime, or in the verdant green of summer too. it's not hard to imagine thick layers of snow, the likes of which also invite so much silence.

    i'm so glad you got this time away.

  6. thanks kirsten. i just know you would absolutely love this place. i can almost imagine meeting you on the path. :)