Wednesday, November 16, 2011

God's fridge

A friend commented on my post yesterday about how God sees us just as we are with all our smudges and blobs and is so delighted that he displays us on his fridge. I love that image. 

So here are the things that I'm proudly displaying today. They are treasures to me. I can't imagine anything more perfect. What do you suppose God sees in you that he's lovingly holding dear? I'll bet you can't imagine. 


  1. Hi Terri
    I am supposing those are little Lincoln's paintings. How precious is that. You have two grandbabies now. Man time flies.

    I hear more and more in your blogging voice that you are redeeming the time.......cherishing the here and now.

    Life is a gift. People are gifts. Time is a gift. I hope I am learning a lesson through many regrets to use them more wisely.

  2. I love these paintings! The one that looks like a dinosaur is especially precious to me.

    And I just went back to your previous post and read Tammy's comment about God's fridge, as well as the story of David. I love those David stories! And also this image of God putting us on his fridge with a smile, even with all our blobs and smudges.

  3. thank you tammy. you have such a tender heart. I can hear a big difference in your voice these days. i don't think you need to worry about wisdom too much. it seems like you're already receiving it in abundance.

    christianne: aren't they wonderful? i know i'm a little biased, but i sincerely think they are amazing. and the dinosaur one is my favorite too.

    oh and the david stories...they melt my heart every time.

  4. Lincoln is a master artist -- no kidding.

    As I was meditating on the passage in Mark where Jesus invites the little children to him, I got the sense from reading between the lines that Jesus just might be saying that the little ones see him and get him in a way that the "grown-ups" just can't -- or don't, rather. They come to him without guile or games, without preconceived notions of what he's about or who he should be.

    And so maybe when they create, they're a bit more like God in that way, coloring without rules, painting with whatever colors please them, imitating and bringing praise to their creator in an innocence that is unsullied and unstained by too many grown up notions, that doesn't know or hear the voices of editors and critics.

    Lincoln is a master artist.

  5. i think you're absolutely right kirsten. not to overly-saintify lincoln. sometimes that boy is a little stinker. but yes, i think there's something in his ability to wholeheartedly approach art that seems almost holy. kids teach me stuff all the time if i'm paying attention. and if i'm not paying attention there's usually a fairly immediate price to pay, so they also teach me to stay awake. :)