Wednesday, November 23, 2011

is he totally squeezable or is it just me?

 I don't know when this became a shameless gramma blog, but I just can't seem to help myself. On this day as I think about the things that fill me with gratitude, my grandkids are right at the top of the list. Last night Lincoln stayed overnight and we took him to see Dave play hockey today. Lincoln has loved hockey since before the time he could even say the word "hockey". So here's a yummy taste of my morning with the sweetest little slice of pie in the world.

i know he's not supposed to be sucking his thumb, but he's just too dang cute to stop

total absorption

spotting grandpa

drooling just a bit

high five through the glass

my mouth is saying "cheese" but my eyes are saying 
"dear jesus, that zamboni is gonna run us over!"
(and isn't that mouth guard charming?)


  1. i can't even take it when kids suck their thumbs. i think it's so stinkin' cute. which is why i have a 6 year old who pops his thumb in his mouth as soon as he gets home from school. oh dear. not QUITE as cute as when he was a baby, we are.

    lincoln is ADORABLE. and that picture of the high five through the glass...i love that one!

    go ahead and plug the goodness, you're entitled.

  2. i'll bet indy is still way adorable with that thumb in his mouth.

    and yes, linc is pretty stinking cute. that pic of him and dave through the glass...made me melt with love for both of them. *sigh*

  3. that was some fun.... grandkids are the bestest

  4. You are not bias about Lincoln Terri. That photo with the thumb is really cute. I was never one to get attached to kids but my (ex) had 2 girls and one was 5 and wow. that was a roller coaster ride.

    That child was adorable....until she decided to pitch a fit. That child's scream could neuter a cat. Whew! She could not pronounce my name, so she always called me "Hammy." I never corrected her. Because to her.......I was "Hammy." She finally started calling me "Tammy." I was sad. There was something sacred to me about being "Hammy." :(

    I know Dave plays hockey. (ahem) I will never forget... not after my interpretation, or should I say MISINTERPRETATION of his hockey story.

    Go Dave! Go Lincoln! Looks like Lincoln is going to follow in Dave's footsteps.

    Happy Turkey Day!