Tuesday, November 1, 2011

little kid trances

 linc in his hockey get-up

 zach and sierra...most beautiful pirates ever

wyatt with our friend alex...wy loves him

I had the greatest moment last night. A little boy who must have been three years old walked up to me with his bag stretched out. He was staring at me with big wide eyes (I had some interesting makeup on) and he whispered, "I like your face." That's something that I could hear a few times a day and not get tired of it. :) Then later on when my grandkids stopped by, Linc was staring at my face kind of mesmerized and asked if he could play with Grandpa's tools (his favorite toys in the whole world.) I asked him if he was going to cry when it was time to leave and put the tools away and he whispered in his little trance-like state, "yes." I think I'll have to wear makeup more often.


  1. haha, wish we could have seen that face. putting kids in trance-like states would come in so handy!
    the kids are adorable. oh man, that one of wy laughing...so sweet!

  2. truly a "treat" any time linc and wy show up!