Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I'm amazed at what I miss just because I become accustomed to things. It's kind of like when you post a note on your refrigerator to remind you of something. After a while you don't notice the note anymore or the thing it was supposed to remind you of. This bugs me to tell you the truth.

So today I took a fresh look around my home. Just a few rooms. Just the ordinary things that have been there all along. Look what I found!


  1. wow, what a beautiful reframe by zooming in.

    i love how you're processing through a lens. :)


  2. there's a whole lot of special there.


  3. makes me feel pretty special that the best photographers i know see something good here. thank you marcia and kirsten.

  4. I think what makes us unique to God is when we are able to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. I think after a while my senses begin to dull to His smile in the sun, His peace in the snow or His tears in the rain. This blog brings me back down to earth so I can see snapshots of heaven. The other day I was on one of the upper floors of our church, looking out of a huge window and I saw a piece of a rainbow. I like to think that was God peeking out at me, waving hi.

    Cool pics Terri. There is love all around you. :)

  5. Love all the photos. There is so much to notice around us. Thanks for the reminder. maybe we need new notes everyday in different places.

  6. tammy: i love the way you have this childlike vision of God. and i'm glad you get a glimpse of heaven here. :)

    debby: yes, new notes or old notes in new places would be good.

  7. pretty pictures and so true, the beauty is right there for the taking...if we just notice it.

    maybe we'll even see the beauty in the cold this year. :)

  8. danny: i love you too. so much.

    lori: wouldn't that be a miracle? let's try!