Wednesday, December 28, 2011

all is well

I think maybe we moved significantly south and no one let me in on it. It's been warm and sunny for the last couple of weeks. I can't even describe how lovely that is. I can't tell you how content I feel. My body is relaxed and alert and open to the world. I'm grateful and reflective when I see the rays of sun slipping through the open blinds. All is well. This photo was taken about an hour from sunset, but the sky is still bright and kind.

I'm thinking today about the new year that's just around the corner. I don't usually make New Years' resolutions, but I'm wondering about some changes that I want to take on. I'll be talking about that in the next days. For now, I'm just wondering what's on your mind as the year slips through our fingers? It's a challenge to practice contentment while directing your life in a particular direction. What are you grateful for and what are you inviting into your life that is new and hopeful? I'm listening.


  1. Terri,
    I always make New Year's resolutions. These goals are a mix of personal, educational, health, and professional. They help me stay focused throughout the year.

    I'm grateful for my health, family, and friends. I'm also grateful for a thriving, challenging business that feeds my need to create, lead, connect, travel, and seek new experiences.

    Contentment is one of my challenges..

    I'm hopeful that 2012 allows me opportunities to direct some of my energy to make the type of difference that you make :)

  2. these are really lovely reflections pam. i think in our culture, contentment is a challenge for all of us. we constantly have messages surrounding us that are designed to make us discontent and grasping after more.

    it sounds like you have a ton to be thankful for. and as far as making a difference, you've made a difference in our work this past year. thank you for that. i know that if you're looking these kinds of opportunities will be plentiful for you.



  3. Global Warming Terri. Did you happen to see any mammoths trotting across your lawn? BTW It was real sunny here too yesterday and today. It made me look for spring and usually I am a winter fall person.

    I am not making any New Years resolutions. I think I am going to start next yr with making new resolutions day by day.

  4. sounds smart tammy. i'm still sitting with what i want to tackle and how i'll go about it.

  5. what am i grateful for?! i'm not even sure where to start... which that right there is definitely something to be grateful for! :) living in community, and being in my first relationship have both been huge blessings this year. of course they've also both brought struggle and heartache, but i'm happy for what those things teach me as well. this past year i feel like i've been getting to know myself and learning to accept myself in a much deeper way than i ever have before. kinda scary uncharted territory, but God has been right there with me through it all.

    and (you'll like this!) something new and hopeful i'm planning to invite into my life this next year is some counseling! eek! i've had a few negative counseling experiences in the past and i've written it off until now. i think it's time to try again, and i actually feel excited about the idea for the first time. i've even invited my mom to join me for a few sessions, which is a big step.

    so yeah! thanks for listening! there's a few of my thoughts. :) God is so good to walk with us and love us so tenderly through all of life's seasons and changes and ups and downs, huh?

  6. amanda: i just love you. i'm excited for the direction your life is moving (primarily because it moves you closer to me) and i'm proud that you're taking some steps towards healing. you deserve to be well in every way. and yes, God is very good to keep us company.