Thursday, December 15, 2011

on light

sunlight through my little tree

I think God must have read my blog yesterday because today the sun is making an appearance in the wide open sky. It's much colder and windier, but I don't care one bit. My heart has lightened about 300% in the course of only a few hours. I never realized before how vulnerable my mood is to the sunlight. I used to be puzzled when I would hear people yammer on about the weather, but I think I get it now. In a place where weather plays such a huge role in our lives, these things matter.

Today I am bursting with energy and happiness. I am thinking about all the goodness around me. The goodness was here yesterday too, but it was harder to notice. I wonder what I can do to immunize myself against the dreary days when there is nothing but clouds and bitter cold for days and weeks on end? What do you do to keep your mood light when nature seems to be plotting against you? I know there are people out there (I'm thinking primarily of my husband) who don't really seem to be affected by the amount of sunlight in the world.

If you think of anything, let me know. Any minute now the friendly sky will probably hide it's face from me and I'll feel its loss like a little death. I'm clinging to its bright beauty while she's blessing me in this moment. I'm warming myself by her loving beams.


  1. Music! Sometimes the kind you can skip to and other times what you hum along with. Somehow for me it fills in the darkness and gloom. But, you know sitting here and thinking about it, I wonder if we are always supposed to be skipping and humming. I know I cry out to Jesus more in the dark than I do in the light. Maybe that's what it's for.

  2. I actually thought of something along those lines Cheryl. I'm not sure if i'm more likely to call out to God when it's dark, but i do think that the darkness reminds us of what is off in the world and gives us a glimpse of our great need. when it's all sunny i guess i'm less likely to remember that.

    oh, and music is a good strategy. must remember that.

  3. well, moving to Colorado, or Florida, or Hawaii would help. Oh yes, it would!
    Yeah, it is so hard to feel good when we live know. I do find that lighting candles and turning on the tree lights as soon as I get home helps. And Star Trek. hehe.

  4. thanks marcell. unfortunately i am inextricably tied to this place by the people i love. damn it.

    never thought of star trek. i'll have to look into that.

  5. My laptop (now affectionately named ole reliable) has decided to work again. Go figure. I am over here laughing out loud at your comment to Marcell.....Ha Ha. Santa Claus is watching you. :)

    God read your blog? Really? Wow! He must have learned to read something besides Hebrew and King James English. Who knew? Ooops I should run and hide my blog!

    What to do on dreary days? I have the perfect solution. Give little Lincoln some orange, yellow, blue and green paint and an entire wall in your house and let him paint you a sunny day! You would have your own little sun room.

  6. that's funny tammy. especially the part about you hiding your blog. i like that image.

    lincoln really is getting to be quite the little artist. i'll have to think about that. :)