Thursday, December 1, 2011

making me smile

Today it's colder than it has been, but it's sunny so I won't complain. I finished a chunk of the book I'm writing and that felt delicious. Here's a few other things that are making me smile.

hazy sun with a light dust of snow

memory of life before the cold

cutest little mush face ever

he always looks sad but he's not


  1. awwww. I wanna hug the puppies. How cute. That made me smile too.

    You are writing a book? What about? I am being nosy.

    I wrote a song yesterday Terri, but I can't post it because it is a little over the top. It's a spoof off of Hotel California. It's silly.

    What else am i suppose to do at 3am when my brain wants to go for a jog...with or without me? It says something like, "Suck it up soldier! We're gonna be up all night!" It has this really deep drill Sgt's disturbing really. I went off script again didn't I? Oh yeah, your book, Terri, tell me about the book.

  2. tammy: aren't those puppies amazing? (they're actually very old dogs, but they never stop looking like pups.) and about the book...i'm ghost writing a book about faith and doubt for another author. it's amazingly difficult to write as though you're another person. it makes you a little schizophrenic. :)

  3. these pictures are fabulous. i want to kiss that face on picture number 3 and i don't typically kiss dogs i don't own. adorable!