Tuesday, December 27, 2011

remembering christmas

Well, the hand-off went really well. Actually, it would be more accurate to call it an apprenticeship. My parents spent the night at my house Christmas eve and we all got up early and started preparing the meal. Honestly, it's gonna be a while before I could pull something like this off on my own. But everything turned out wonderful and we all had a great day. I think from now on we'll be having all of the winter holidays at my house. It's a perfect place to host a lot of people. The only real problem is my dogs. They love to steal food. (Bad doggies!) Other than that, it's heaven here. Here are some photos of the day. Enjoy!

my great-niece josie

my great-nephew mason (the kid has serious hair)

my great nephew calvin

my niece jessi: isn't she beautiful?

the mob opening gifts

my nice big table

joey, wyatt and danny :)

linc and his momma opening his art supplies. yay!

cowboy waiting to pounce

wyatt trying out josie's rocking horse

my aunt susie with calvin

my mom with calvin (that little guy gets around)


  1. it looks like a wonderful time was had by all. i love the pictures! such sweet little ones. and cowboy...oh my word, that face!

  2. thanks lori! yes between the kids and cowboy i'm pretty happy with the pics. i wasn't exactly happy with cowboy at the time, but he sure makes for some interesting memories. :)

  3. I am grateful Terri, that I can see this example of love in your family. I went home for Christmas this yr and I am so glad that I did. I wrote a short blog about it.

    I am interacting a lot more with my parents this past yr because of their health. I am not gonna lie. Sometimes it is hard. But this interaction is teaching me a priceless lesson. It is teaching me how to love with joy even when doing so hurts. It's a good thing. It's a God kinda thing.

    PS. You have a beautiful family Terri. But, I have to say, cowboy is most dashing. He's so cute. I just want to squeeze him. No partiality intended. You are surrounded with beauty.

  4. tammy: i'm so glad it went well with your family. what is your blog address? i'd like to read it.

    and yes, there's lots of love in my family. it was a great time. and cowboy? yeah. sometimes i want to squeeze him too. i try not to squeeze his neck. it takes a lot of discipline. ;)

  5. http://justmeandjesus1.blogspot.com/
    Stop by anytime.
    Hopefully that link works, if not click my comment

  6. you done gone pulled it off baby. good job. i think you could pull it off by yourself.... (does that mean i dont have to do anything?)

  7. no dave. it way doesn't mean that. :)