Wednesday, December 21, 2011

winter solstice

Today is the darkest day of the year, but that's only if you're in the northern hemisphere. If you were to travel to the south pole you would enjoy 24 hours of sunlight today. I have to discipline myself to remember that. Place is everything. There is sunlight in other places in the world, and this means the world does not revolve around me. That's a good thing.

Somewhere in the world right now a child is playing in the warmth and sun. She is picking up shells on the beach and thanking God for the ocean and the sea birds overhead. She is wearing a pink swimsuit and dipping her toes into the surf. I'm glad for her. I don't begrudge her the warmth and light.

Beginning tomorrow the sun will gradually travel back to where I live. She will turn her face to the north and remember us again. I'll be waiting here, marking her return even when it still seems forever ago since she graced my body. I'll be counting the days until spring and watching the sky with anxious eyes. And I'll be thinking of a little girl building a castle in the sand. I'll join her in my mind, crafting a room for myself facing the joyful sun.


  1. i cant wait. in the mean time i will embrace this season of cold, stark landscapes intermingled with some of the most beautiful snowfalls i will ever see. when the sun hits the freshly fallen snow it is so brilliant one HAS to put on sunglasses to even see. winter can be, at times, a lovely, unique place to "be".

  2. yes dear. this is true. especially with the brightness of you. sometimes i need sunglasses to look into your deep blue eyes.

  3. you guys make me giggle.

    your conversation reminds of the ones going on over here regarding this same topic~ my man trying to convince me, ever so poetically, that this really is a wonderful place.

    and with him it truly can be.

    ahh, romance. it does help.

  4. it makes all the difference in the world. can't imagine being here without that guy. even when he says, "suck it up cupcake." :)

  5. I am almost afraid to tell you Terri...I am very partial to rainy days.I love the rain. It is pouring here and I love it. I love to wrap up in a soft blanket on the couch, listen to peaceful music and hear the rain falling outside. It is a wonderful, serene, and holy feeling.

  6. I love the rain too. I just don't like weeks and weeks of it. :)