Monday, January 2, 2012

the gentlest of changes

Isn't this sheet of ice beautiful? It's right outside my back door. We had a very wet snow storm on New Year's Eve and this was the effect after the cold set in. It reminded me of how lovely water can be in it's various forms. It's a little miracle, really.

After all of my crazy-eyed beasts settled down a bit and I was able to take a calmer look around, I noticed a particularly needy little creature in the corner. I think I know what change I'm going to be inviting into my life: I'm going to focus on drinking more water. It might sound kind of trivial, but it's desperately needed and I think it will open the door to a lot of other kindnesses in my world. I'm sipping a glass of water as I type this, and if I listen very carefully I can hear my body saying thank you.

Even as I settle into this choice, I can sense all of the other areas of need in my life getting restless. I'll have to be careful to reassure them as I move forward. Good things are's ok to wait. I'll also have to be careful to practice gratitude for every drop of refreshment that the water brings to my thirsty body. It doesn't have to be a chore to reach for something new. Just this one moment is a little miracle.


  1. right on's easy to start with the smallest of steps. giving attention to everything else w/ assurance and love... i like that!

  2. step by step...sounds like an excellent plan that you will not regret.

  3. dave: i like you.

    lori: yes, little by little. how could i regret that?