Sunday, January 29, 2012

midday moon

Sometimes when I see something unexpected or out of place, it shakes me out of my sleepwalk way of living. I love a midday moon. It reminds me that there's really very little difference between the night and the day. The sun and the moon are always there. They don't really disappear. It's just a matter of perspective and location. 

Hello moon. Isn't it a beautiful day?


  1. Hi Terri..the hillbilly astronomer here. I do ba-leve, I say, I do ba-leve, that thar pho-toe is a moon. :)

    Now, do you want a weekly weather forecast for Minnesota, predicted by yours truly? Does that fall under astrology, I mean astronomy?

    I use a divining rod, some rutabagas, and, oh, Google for those predictions.

  2. see. i told you you might become a great astronomer. :)

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  4. i am always amazed by the sky. ha, ask danny. i feel like i'm always saying 'ooh, look at that cloud!' or 'check out the moon right now!' and 'let's wait and watch this sunset!'... i love it! the sky makes me feel so small, in a good way. :) i feel like it's always asking me to return to being present. present to beauty, to God's constant care. i'm glad it's doing that for you as well.