Wednesday, February 29, 2012

melting is easy

Boy, winter is having a heck of a time around here. We can't seem to stay cold enough to keep the snow around. This is my back yard today. We have a gutter that needs repair and it just pours water in a particular place just outside our back door whenever it rains or the snow starts melting. We got a sloppy slush/ice/snow storm yesterday, but it's melting like crazy already.

It kind of got me thinking about how it doesn't take much to make me melt. The mere sight of my grandkids or my kids, the sound of Dave's voice, anything that suddenly strikes me as funny, a thoughtful email…it really doesn't take much at all and my heart softens inside my chest. It doesn't matter how cold and frozen I've been. Melting is easy. Then I started to think about how many opportunities I have to be a warm presence for others. I wonder how easy it might be to melt all of the people around me if I just bring a little tenderness and sincerity? It's worth a try. Maybe Minnesota would become a sweet little island if everyone melted at once.


  1. Replies
    1. see? right like that! i'm totally mush right now just from a little smiley face (and the smiley face in that profile pic.) easy peasy.

    2. you guys are killing me here. just a big puddle on the floor. :)

  2. you're all 3 melting me. and if crock had commented too, i'd be a GONER.

    1. awwww *blush*

      we love us some mush around here.